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Desert Meditations
Swartz et

Available April 8, 2022





If you arenít already familiar with Swartz etís (aka Steve Swartz) musical work then I think it is about time to introduce him to you. Steveís latest album is due to hit Bandcamp and the streaming sites on April 8, 2022 and after listening to it several times since downloading a review copy, I have to say Iím sure you will enjoy what Steve has created for you.

The title Desert Meditations really captures the essence of what this album is all about. The music is contemplative and peaceful as Steve creates a sonically rich soundscape that gently washes over the listener and transports you to a place where your spirit is able to open up to your inner realms. Desert Meditations consists of 10 tracks beginning with an appropriately titled track called Department of the Interior. The title seems like a sign post to what lies ahead as you journey within yourself during the course of this album.

The album was recorded in various places throughout southeastern Utah and itís obvious upon listening that the music has absorbed a fair amount of desert energy simply by it coming into existence surrounded by the open spaces and the isolation of the desert.  The introspective nature of the music is a direct reflection of the effect of the desert on Steve as he composed and created the music found on his latest project.

One can feel the ebb and flow of the music as it seeks to reflect the scenes that surrounded Steve while he was in that serene and tranquil environment composing the music. The compositions drifts gently from one visual influence to the next and we as listeners are afforded the opportunity to experience it right along side Steve via the music that comprises this album. Desert Meditations is a wonderful vehicle to transport the listener into a state of mind where inward journeys can all find their starting points.

Steve has done an excellent job with Desert Meditations and listeners will be pleased with the end results. He has captured the atmosphere of the desert and encapsulated it within the drones and the synths that make up this album. It is obvious that Steveís musical sensibilities were up to the task of being open to the influence of the desert enough to translate those impressions into the 10 tracks that are available on this album. Well done!