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Gary Andrews


Gary Andrews


Gary and Susan Andrews

Hi there! 

I was born on the 19th of February 1967. I am originally from the United Kingdom but currently live in Lincoln, Nebraska USA.

Why do I live in Nebraska? I met my wife Susann online, and after what must have been thousands of emails and communiqués and a two-week visit that turned into a three month visit we decided to marry. We married February of this year, and as you can probably imagine my life has changed beyond all recognition, for the better I may add!

I have had a number of different jobs over the years but count photography as my main vocation. For several years I was a cruise photographer, which was an experience to be hold! Contrary to common belief this was not a cushy number, far from it! It was a very intensive job with lots of working into the late night to get the latest batch of photographs up on the display stands for the next morning. One of my last “tours of duties” was on a ship called the “Sun Viking”. This ship cruised the Far East and to me I had reached the pinnacle. It was a photographer’s paradise and I spent much of my spare time photographing the peoples and places of such countries as Thailand, China and Vietnam. 

My interest in Electronic music goes back to about 1981 when I first heard groups such as OMD, Depeche Mode Ultravox and of course the Godfathers of the then Futurist movement Kraftwerk. The torch had been lit and I continued to listen to these “synth-pop” bands for a number of years, until I heard Jean Michel Jarre’s “Equinoxe”blasting over my next-door neighbors fence! I proceeded to buy all of his available albums, but I wanted to hear more synthesizer music that I knew had to be out there. I discovered a magazine called “Electronic Soundmaker” and inside I found an Electronic chart that mentioned names like Tangerine Dream, and Klaus Schulze.

Who were these guys? I found Schulzes “Trancefer” in a local record shop and I found myself even more impressed with Schulze than Jarre. I remember sitting with headphones on being absolutely knocked out by what I was hearing. I count this release as my first “proper” synth album. More investigation revealed that there was to be an electronic music festival entitled UK Electronica.I had not heard of any of the acts but I was determined to go, to see and hear this music live.

My first taste of live electronic music consisted of hearing acts like Wavestar, and Ian Boddy names that a lot of you reading this will no doubt know. It was at this event that I met Mick Garlick of Sequences magazine. We have been musical friends ever since and his passion for the “scene” knows no bounds. I often write for his magazine.

Over the years my taste in Electronic music has altered slightly and I find myself listening to more esoteric ambient music, none the less I still have a penchant for the more rocky realms of electronic music. This is a taste that probably comes from my English routes which tends to favor more robust and rhythmical music. Why that should be I do not know, but the difference is there for sure.

I am indebted to Michael for allowing me to become a part of Ambient Visions. My aim is to write fair and well-written reviews and in doing so “help spread the word” about this wonderful and underrated music. If you like you can write to me at I will look forward to hearing from you.