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For those wishing to contact Ambient Visions or if you want to send high quality MP3's, FLACS or WAVS or Bandcamp yum codes for requesting a possible review on Ambient Visions you can send the download link to reviews at ambientvisions dot com . Please do not attach music files to e-mails and send them that way as it tends to clog things up when I first open my e-mail program. I would prefer if you provided a link where I can download your music from your site or from a large file trading service like WeTransfer or Bandcamp.

If you are a writer and wish to submit an article or opinion piece to be considered for publication on Ambient Visions please contact me first at my e-mail address above and let me know about your desire to have an article or opinion piece published on AV and that you are going to be sending me a .txt or .doc file in an e-mail. Otherwise what may happen is that the e-mail might be deleted as spam or as a potential virus carrier. If you want to avoid the attachment altogether you can simply put the article into the body of the contact e-mail and you won't have to send me a notice beforehand about a second e-mail. Your choice.

If you are a musician looking for AV to add a link to your websites on Ambient Visions please send me an e-mail with the subject line of Link Suggestion and I will check out your site and then add it to the links pages. If you have multiple sites (home page, facebook, Bluesky etc.) please include all links that you would like to have listed on AV in one e-mail.

Michael Foster, editor