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AV:  For the readers of Ambient Visions who may not know a lot about who Ryan Farish is tell me a little about your musical career to this point and why you chose ambient/new age music to express yourself through rather than some other genre of music.  

RF:  Well, as far as my career, my second national record came out this past summer, and it had been a very exciting process. I also compose and license music for TV and Film. I create music in many genres, but specialize in instrumental music. My records are filed under New Age, but many times I am referred to as a crossover artist because my music does well on Jazz charts like iTunes, as well as appeals to the electronic/chillout fans. 

AV:  How long after the release of Beautiful did you first start to work on what would become your latest release From the Sky?

RF:  Not long at all, probably no more than a few weeks. I am always writing music, and because I layer so much in my music, it takes quite a while to complete a track, so I get started as quickly as possible.

AV:  When you start the process of composing music that will eventually end up on a CD like From the Sky where do you start? Do you have a certain way that you start a project like this and get the creative juices flowing?


RF:  I start by composing a few songs, but long before the record is done, I know the overall vision for where I want it to go. Along the way the music helps to guide me, and sometimes the vision changes a little...but to me its important that a record have an overall sound and vision, and be cohesive.

AV:  Iím sure that you must end up with way too much material to end up on a single CD so how do you determine what music that you have composed or are working with will be suitable for your current work in progress?

RF:  Yes, there is a lot of material that is written, and its always hard to choose, but again the overall vision for the album helps, and I go with what makes the most sense in terms of creating an album, verses a bunch of singles. I want the album to be looked at as a whole...

AV:  With instrumental music it is harder to tell than if someone was reading the lyrics of the music being played but is there an underlying theme to your CD From the Sky and how do the songs on this CD weave this into a unified work in your mind?

RF:  The overall emotion I wanted to convey was that of hope, and to uplift the listener. I was very happy with how this record turned out, and the feedback so far says we accomplished that, as the overall comments and reviews reflect. I really happy about that.

AV:  Having been a big fan ofDeep Forest and their innovative use of chants and voices in their music I was pleased to hear some voices scattered about your songs such as The Promise and Rejoice. Tell me about the process of weaving this into your music and what it brought to the songs as a whole that a musical instrument alone was not going to accomplish?

RF:  Voices bring an organic quality to music, that no other instrument does. I like working with vocal samples, and love creating new phrases, and playing them like an instrument.

AV:  Tell me about the process that you go through once you have the music composed and you head into the studio to put that music down in a finished form.

RF:  I compose and record at the same time. I work out of my personal studio, and the challenge many times is recording the ideas as they flow so quickly. I prefer to work this way. Sometimes with piano pieces and guitar pieces, I have worked them out first, rehearsed the parts, and then record. But for the most part, I write and record all in once session.

AV:  Do you communicate your ideas about what is on your mind as far as your current project objectives to the producers at the outset so that you are all on the same page or do you work it out as you go?

RF:  I communicate in terms of the progress of the record, but I am my own producer, the other producers are executive producers, I am the music producer. I prefer to be my own producer, as my sound comes much from my production techniques.

AV:  Did any of the songs on From the Sky start out one way and end up as something that you hadnít expected by the time the recording process was finished? Does this ever happen with your music in general that it takes on a life of its own and wants to go a certain way during the creation process?

RF:  Sure, that happens occasionally. Usually its not so much the song, but maybe the sounds.

AV:  Tell me about your relationship with Neurodisc Records when it comes to taking a project like From the Sky from the final mix to putting it out on the street. Do they have any input to the project prior to you handing them the finished product?

RF:  We work closely with the design concepts, and street date. I focus on the music part, and we pass it around for feedback inter office (theirs and mine)

AV:  I was reading some of the feedback on From the Sky up on your website including reaching # 3 on the Billboard charts. How does recognition like that make you feel about your efforts as a musician? Would you be making the same music regardless of whether it was receiving recognition like that?

RF:  Recognition is a wonderful thing, and I think most musicians, myself included just want to be heard. It feels great to have folks on a worldwide level appreciate and care about what you are doing It's rather humbling. Yes, of course I would still make this music if only one person was listening.

AV:  What kind of input did you have in the cover design and how the packaging for From the Sky was going to look? Where did the title of this CD come from?

RF:  I had a lot of input for the packaging. Together we all worked hard on achieving a package that would give you a sense of the vibe of this record. The title came from me. I give all the credit of my music and the talents to be able to create music to God. When writing, many times its like the songs, sometimes in near completed form, even from the production side, are just given to me. This music and the ability to create music are gifts and blessings from the God, and so ďFrom The SkyĒ refers to how I feel the music is a gift to me from above.

AV:  We have seen what the reviewers have thought of your latest release but what are your fans telling you about From the Sky and how they liked your sophomore effort?

RF:  It's been a truly humbling experience. With this record, I have received numerous e-mails from folks who have a medical experience that they refer to. Some fans have commented on how the music helps them through the day, relaxes them, and one who worked in a hospital referred to a situation where four, I think, heart patients where medication wasnít working, used my music to help relax them, and it worked. That is the greatest reward for all the work. That truly touched me.

AV:  Do you go out on the road performing your new music and if so where might your fans get a schedule of where you are going to be in the coming months?

RF:  We perform select events. This past weekend we performed live for NPR Radio, for the show Echoes. It was a lot of fun, and I am excited for the fans to be able to hear our acoustic set. John Diliberto also did an extensive interview while he was visiting my studio here in LA. The air date will be posted on my site  soon.

AV:  As a last question what is it that you would like the listeners of your music to take away with them after sitting down and listening to From the Sky?

RF:  I would love for them to feel uplifted and relaxed at the same time. To go away with an experience both sonically and emotionally, that allowed them to relax and enjoy...something that I receive myself from creating this music. Music is so exciting, and I am thankful for every day I have been given to create and share this music with you all.

AV:  Thanks for taking the time to talk with me Ryan and I hope that your musical career is along and fruitful one in the years to come.