New/Upcoming Releases List 2020


by Chris Russell

Deep Variants EP
by Ae Topus

Dark Roads for
the Young Magus
by Cathode Ray Tube

Dreams Beyond
by Sverre Knut Johansen

by Erik Wollo & Michael Stearns

January 2020 Releases

Silence Within by Solace Road (1/3/2020)
Memories of Water and Light by Scott Cossu (1/17/2020)
A Day Light Any Other by Darshan Ambient (1/17/2020)
Terminal by Indigo Symbol (1/19/2020)
Dark Roads for the Young Magus
by Cathode Ray Tube (1/20/20)

Februrary 2020 Releases

Passions by Force for Good (2/1/2020)
And Then Came Love by Stephen Peppos (2/4/2020)
Luminary by Cheryl B. Engelhardt (2/7/2020)
Fire in the Clouds by Erica Bikales (2/14/2020)
Milestones by Hollan Holmes (2/21/2020)

March 2020 Releases

Wood, Wind & Skin by Chasm (3/2/2020)
The Long Road by Monica Logani (3/6/20202)
Almost Hidden Now by Andrew Lahiff (3/7/2020)
On Hold by Photay (3/16/2020)
Sanctuary by Corey Fuller (3/20/2020)
The Good Earth by Amongst Myselves (3/24/2020)
Music of Our Times by Gary Husband & Markus Reuter (3/26/2020)

by Chris Russell (3/27/2020)

April 2020 Releases

The Forgetting by Monochrome Echo (4/2/2020)
Infinite Tape Loops: From the Sea of Changes
by Music for Sleep (4/3/2020)
Timelapse by Monochrome Echo (4/9/2020)
Sonoran Odyssey by Paul Speer (4/10/2020)
Moods, Impressions & Souvenirs by Pam Asberry (4/10/2020)
1:1 by Healing Sound Project (4/12/2020)
Flavien Gillie - Distanciation Sociale by Drone Works International (4/12/2020)
Silent Easter Monday by Binaural Space (4/14/2020)
slowdance, lowtide by Hirotaka Shirotsubaki (4/14/2020)
Mirrored by Slow Dancing Society & zake (4/20/2020)
Pacific Blue by Nicholas Gunn (4/24/2020)
Mindfulness by Liquid Mind XIII (4/24/2020)
Full of Life by John Gregorius (4/24/2020)
Circumnavigation by Sequentia Legenda (4/25/2020)

May 2020 Releases

Stay EP by Chad Lawson (5/1/2020)
In the Flow by Joseph Nimoh (5/1/2020)
Beyond Corona Volume One by Toshinori Kondo (5/21/2020)
Consciousness, and other tricks of the light by Ben Cox (5/22/2020)
Dream Journey by The Rosen Corporation (5/28/2020)

June 2020 Releases

Arrow by Noveller (6/12/2020)
Ephemeral by Flow Control (6/13/2020)
Cull/Machine Choir by Robbie Elizee (6/13/2020)
Beyond Corona Volume Two by Toshinori Kondo (6/18/2020)
Seafoam & Dust by r beny (6/19/2020)
Renew by J.S. Epperson (6/19/2020)
Healing Resonance by Dean Evenson, Scott Huckaby & Phil Heaven (6/19/2020)
When Eternity Touches Time by Jim Ottaway (6/21/2020)
The Bodhi Mantra by Howard Givens & Craig Padilla (6/26/2020)

July 2020 Releases

Life Seasons by Richard Shulman (7/1/2020)
Venus by Romerium (7/3/2020)
Moving Through Worlds by Fiona Joy Hawkins (7/7/2020)
Beyond Corona Volume Three by Toshinori Kondo (7/13/2020)
Music For Artificial Island 1989
by Hirotaka Shirotsubaki (7/14/2020)
Environmental Music Vol. 3 by Bing Satellites (7/14/2020)
Gyre by J.S. Epperson (7/16/2020)
Last Days by No Death (7/17/2020)
Interbeing: Elements of Connection by Scott Reich (7/17/2020)
Streams by Autumn of Communion (7/18/2020)
4 Divine States of Mind by Yuval Ron (7/18/2020)
Strength of Spirit by Ivan Teixeira (7/24/2020)
Yenisei Crossing by Mystified (7/24/2020)
The Reflecting Sky by David Wright & Stephan Whitlan (7/27/2020)
Across the Evening by Jon Durant and Robert Jürjendal (7/31/2020)
Soul Español by Sherry Finzer, Chris Burton, Jácome (7/31/2020)

August 2020 Releases

The Isolation Concerts, Volume 7 by Scott Lawlor (8/6/2020)
A Pulse of Durations
by Tapes and Topographies (8/7/2020)
Between No Things by Suso Saiz & Suzanne Kraft (8/7/2020)
Scenes from Dinètah by Connor Chee (8/7/2020)
Spirits of Rhea by Phelios (8/7/2020)
Moonlight Through the Trees
by The Ambient Drones of Bill Baxter (8/8/2020)
Fyfield Down EP by Cloudy Horizon (8/8/2020)
Deep Variants EP
by Ae Topus (August 2020)
Like Waves Between Us by Swartz et (8/14/2020)
Particle Horizon by Space Station (8/11/2020)
The Isolation Concerts, Volume 8 by Scott Lawlor (8/12/2020)
Variant by Ae Topus (8/14/2020)
16670 by Matthew Mayer (8/14/2020)
Blue Hour by Taphephobia (8/14/2020)
Always Choose Love by Ladder (8/14/2020)
Melatonia by Pausal (8/14/2020)
Invincible Summer by Jorgen Kjellgren (8/14/2020)
Theory of Time Travel by Armageddon Speaking (8/14/2020)
Beyond Corona: Volume Four by Toshinori Kondo (8/15/2020)
Young Spirit | Nadir, Unfurled by zake (8/17/2020)
Incognita by TEAR Mark Wingfield & Markus Reuter (8/19/2020)
Beyond the Sunrise by Carl Borden (8/20/2020)
Dreams Beyond by Sverre Knut Johansen (8/21/2020)
Alphachime by J.S. Epperson (8/21/2020)
The Function of Life by Mick Chillage (8/21/2020)
Chillscapes Vol 1 by Various Artists (8/21/2020)
Utopia EP by Five Seasons (8/21/2020)
A Brief Vision of Light by Scott Lawlor (8/21/2020)
To Shiver the Sky by Christopher Tin (8/21/2020)
Waterfront by Hirotaka Shirotsubaki (8/22/2020)
Equilibrium by Kendra Logozar Springer (8/22/2020)
The Garden of Earthly Delights by Network 23 (8/27/2020)
Inanna's Dream feat. Steve Roach by Serena Gabriel (8/28/2020)
Convergence by Erik Wollo & Michael Stearns (8/28/2020)
Finite Infinity by Shedir (8/28/2020)
Scattered Diamonds by Barrett Martin (8/28/2020)
A Momentary Pause by Holland Phillips (8/28/2020)
Aubade by City of Dawn (8/28/2020)
Healing by Paul Avgerinos (8/28/2020)
After Geography by Forest Robots (8/28/2020)
Illuminance by Sangeeta Kaur (8/28/2020)
The Turning of the Year by David Arkenstone (8/28/2020)
Dreams Come True by Keith Tim Anderson (8/28/2020)
Midday by Max Ananyev (8/29/2020)
Daylight In An Empty Room by Zoltan Fecso (8/29/2020)
The Isolation Concerts, Volume 9 by Scott Lawlor (8/30/2020)
The Adirondack Piano by Bing Satellites (8/31/2020)
Leaving Cygnus by Dan Palladino (8/31/2020)

September 2020 Releases

Honne by David Cordero (9/4/2020)
The Book of Wanderers by Forrest Fang (9/4/2020)
Frozen In Time by Weber & Weber (9/4/2020)
Beneath the Sun by Chris Field (9/4/2020)
Layered Contingencies by Three Point Circle (9/4/2020)
Polaroid Notes - Drone Reworks by Drone Works International (9/4/2020)
Travelogue: Destination 2 by Off Land (9/4/2020)
Origin by Atmøsphäre (9/6/2020)
The Omarion Nebula by Phelios (9/6/2020)
Sands of Time by Kerani (9/7/2020)
Soulful by Lemongrass (9/11/2020)
Event Horizon by Richard Ross (9/16/2020)
Sapphire by Marya Stark (9/17/2020)
The Front Porch of Heaven by Kevin Keller (9/18/2020)
Imaginary Edges by Mike Clay (9/18/2020)
Wrath & Apathy by bvdub (9/18/2020)
Tone Science Module No.4 by Various Artists (9/18/2020)
Fallen Butterflies by Scott Lawlor (9/18/2020)
Karmic Dreams by Blue Monk & Michael Whalen (9/18/2020)
The Long Journey by Alex Rogalski (9/22/2020)
Beyond the Stars by Sequentia Legenda (9/21/2020)
Double Helix by Peter Manning Robinson (9/25/2020)
Hemispherica Portalis by Desensitized (9/25/2020)
Speak to the Sky by James Marienthal (9/25/2020)
Awake to Dream by Reis Taylor Dixon (9/25/2020)
Footprints by Michael Brückner (9/25/2020)
Astronomica by of1000faces (9/25/2020)
Fruit of the Fall by Steve Brand (9/26/2020)
Building by Shannon LaBrie (9/30/2020)

October 2020 Releases

If Only I Love by Andre Feriante (10/1/2020)
Just in Time by Phrozenlight (10/1/2020)
Music for the Long Quiet by Matthew Labarge (10/1/2020)
Quiet Places by Andreas Vollenweider (10/2/2020)
Shades of Light by Charles Denler (10/2/2020)
Hypercube by Microscope White Noise (10/4/2020)
Relax (Domo Compilation) by Various Artists (10/9/2020)
Checkitout by Phrozenlight (10/10/2020)
Beyond Corona: Volume Five by Toshinori Kondo (10/10/2020)
Autumn Tapes by Phelios aka Martin Stürtzer (10/12/2020)
Intervals by Near the Parenthesis (10/16/2020)
Best of Solo Piano 2007-2018 by Dan Kennedy (10/16/2020)
My Temple by Jarguna (10/16/2020)
Nighttide (10 Year Deluxe Edition) by Swartz et (10/16/2020)
Watching the Orange Sky by Phrozenlight (10/18/2020)
Freedom and Loneliness by Ugasanie (10/20/2020)
An Ocean of Time by Time Being (10/23/2020)
Abracadabra by Milana Zilnik (10/31/2020)

November 2020 Releases

Treeline by Marin Nonstatic (11/4/2020)
Peaceful Christmas (Compilation) by Various Artists (11/6/2020)
Winnow by Simeon Walker (11/20/2020)
Mists of Time by Andrew Colyer (11/20/2020)
Music for Nina: Meditation Edition by Matt Starling (11/20/2020)
Pathways by Pallette (11/27/2020)

December 2020 Releases

Clouds and Waves by Ecovillage (12/23/2020)
Winter Vol. VI by Pangaea Projekt (12/21/2020)


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