Music Reviews



An Abandoned Day
by Amongst Myselves


by Milana Zilnik




by Milana Zilnik


Story of Ghosts
Fiona Joy


by Alphaxone & Dronny Darko


Threshold Point
Erik Wøllo


by Kevin Wood


Nocturnes II
by Max Corbacho


The Radiant Sea
Bridge to Imla


Frore and Shane Morris



by The Haiku Project




by Chronotope Project


A Sea Without Memory
David Helpling


Structures of Light
by Siddhartha Barnhoom


by Carl Borden


Muzikhala Michael Bruckner album cover


by Michael Brückner


The Future of Man

by Duff Egan


Path of Dissolutions by Hoshin cover, ambient

Path of Dissolutions
by Hoshin


Inner Rhythm Meditations
by Byron Metcalf


Dancing on the Wind
by Shoshana Michel

by Doug Hammer


In the Midst of Stars
by Majestica


by Tom Eaton

Salvaging the Present
Dean De Benedictis

Romancing the Moon
by David Wright

Southern Cross
by Jim Ottaway

Beyond the Waves
by Ann Licater

Everything and Nothing
by Hammock


Deep Sleep
by Liquid Mind


Expanse Sessions
by In the Branches


by The Haiku Project


by Bob Holroyd


Between Shadow and Light
by Neil Patton


Fire in the Rainstorm
by Kori Linae Carothers


by Kimberly StarKey


Fall Into Winter
by Bryan Carrigan


by Bernward Koch


The Ocean Inside
by Max Corbacho


by Peter Kater


Angels of Hope
by Various Artists







Reviews 12-3-2023

Featuring An Abandoned Day by Amongst Myselves aka Steve Roberts reviewed by Ambient Visions


Reviews 10-30-2020

Featuring Abracadabra by Milana Zilnik reviewed by Ambient Visions


Reviews 8-18-2019

Featuring Promise by FLOW reviewed by Ambient Visions


Reviews 5-12-2019

Featuring Notte by Milana Zilnik reviewed by Ambient Visions


Reviews 7-1-2018

Featuring Story of Ghosts by Fiona Joy reviewed by Ambient Visions


Reviews 5-20-2018

Featuring Forsaken by Alphaxone & Dronny Darko reviewed by Richard Gürtler


Reviews 5-6-2018

Featuring Threshold Point by Erik Wøllo reviewed by Ambient Visions


Reviews 4-28-2018

Featuring Eternal by Kevin Wood reviewed by Ambient Visions


Reviews 4-22-2018

Featuring Nocturnes II by Max Corbacho reviewed by Ambient Visions


Reviews 11-26-2017

Featuring The Radiant Sea by Bridge to Imla reviewed by Ambient Visions


Reviews 10-29-2017

Featuring Eclipse by Frore and Shane Morris reviewed by Ambient Visions


Reviews 10-26-2017

Featuring Nebula by The Haiku Project reviewed by Ambient Visions


Reviews 8-27-2017

Featuring Flow by FLOW reviewed by Ambient Visions


Reviews 8-13-2017

Featuring Ovum by Chronotope Project reviewed by Ambient Visions


Reviews 8-12-2017

Featuring A Sea Without Memory by David Helpling reviewed by Ambient Visions


Reviews 7-30-2017

Featuring Structures of Light by Siddhartha Barnhoom reviewed by Richard Gürtler


Reviews 4-22-2017

Featuring Breathe by Carl Borden


Reviews 1-15-2017

Featuring Muzikhala by Michael Brückner and Central Plateau by Alargo reviewed by Richard Gürtler


Reviews 12-30-2016

Featuring The Future of Man by Duff Egan reviewed by Richard Gürtler


Reviews 12-18-2016

Featuring Path of Dissolutions by Hoshin reviewed by Richard Gürtler


Reviews 12-11-2016

Featuring Inner Rhythm Meditations by Byron Metcalf


Reviews 12-09-2016

Featuring Dancing on the Wind by Shoshana Michel


Reviews 12-05-2016

Featuring Americana by Doug Hammer and In the Midst of Stars by Majestica


Reviews 12-01-2016

Featuring Indesterren by Tom Eaton


Reviews 11-30-2016

Featuring Salvaging the Present by Dean De Benedictis


Reviews 9-4-2016

Featuring Romancing the Moon (remastered) by David Wright


Reviews 6-5-2016

Featuring Southern Cross by Jim Ottaway, Time Lines by Perceptual Defence


Reviews 5-15-2016

Featuring Beyond the Waves by Ann Licater


Reviews 5-14-2016

Featuring Antiferromagnet by Michael Brückner


Reviews 4-30-2016

Featuring Everything and Nothing by Hammock


Reviews 1-30-2016

Featuring Deep Sleep by Liquid Mind


Reviews 1-17-2016

Featuring Expanse Sessions by In The Branches


Reviews 1-11-2016

Featuring Glimpses by The Haiku Project


Reviews 1-09-2016

Featuring Blueprint by Bob Holroyd


Reviews 10-24-2015

Featuring Between Shadow and Light by Neil Patton


Reviews 10-18-2015

Featuring Fire in the Rainstorm by Kori Linae Carothers


Reviews 10-17-2015

Featuring Surrounding by Kimberly StarKey


Reviews 10-08-2015

Featuring Fall Into Winter by Bryan Carrigan


Reviews 10-04-2015

Featuring Haiku by Doug Hammer, Remembering by Bernward Koch


Reviews 04-27-2015

Featuring The Ocean Inside by Max Corbacho


Reviews 04-26-2015

Featuring Coming Home by Peter Jennison, Dawn Light by Zachary Bruno, Etheria by Peter Kater and Angels of Hope by Various Artists


Reviews 04-01-2015

Featuring Secret World by Doug Hammer and Amethyste


Reviews 09-07-2014

Featuring Inspired by Bryan Carrigan


Reviews 01-05-2014

Featuring Heart by Doug Hammer


Reviews 10-13-2013

Featuring Below Zero by Bryan Carrigan


Reviews 09-08-2013

Featuring The Blue Rose by Al Conti


Reviews 09-01-2013

Featuring Day of Life by Bernward Koch, Daytime Dreamer by Omar Akram, Path of the Divine by Rajendra Teredesai, and Cranium Fizz by Richard Bone


Reviews 08-22-2013

Featuring Love's River by Laura Sullivan


Reviews 04-10-2012

Featuring Distant Horizon Series: Mediterranean by Amberfern, Divine Dimension by Rajendra Teredesai

Reviews 03-15-2012

Featuring Eternity by John Lyell

Reviews 03-12-2012

Featuring Enchanted Piano by Kevin Kern, Stellar Connection by Thierry David, Into Forever by Frank Steiner Jr. and In the Wake by Ann Sweeten

Reviews 01-21-2012

Featuring Bindu by Michael Brant DeMaria, Time by Michael Logozar, Reflections in Black and White by Kareem Powell and Musical Rapture by Frederic Delarue

Reviews 11-12-2011

Featuring Silent Star by Bernward Koch, Relaxing Melodies of Nature by Kenio Fuke, Enlightened Love by BlueMonk, Island of Anywhere by Mike Howe, Quiescence by Amberfern

Reviews 10-23-2011

Featuring Passage Through A Dream by Phillip Schroeder, Star Eyes by John Fluker, Journey Around the Sun: A Mayan Odyssey by Bill Wren and Frank Ralls,  Rainshadow Sky by Jeff Pearce.

Reviews 06-14-2011

Featuring  Earthsong and Stardance by Gandalf


Reviews 06-06-2011

Featuring  The Veil of Whispers by Thierry David


Reviews 06-04-2011

Featuring  Autumn Sky by Blackmore's Night, Butterfly Tones by Coburn Tuller, New Life by Paul Cardall, and Now I Sleep by John Albert Thomas.


Reviews 04-15-2011

Featuring  Sacred Love by Shambhu, Unconditional by Marc Enfroy, Dream by A Liquid Mind Experience, Through the Veils 10th Anniversary Edition by Unita


Reviews 02-06-2011

Featuring Dreaming Still by Kathryn Kaye, Love's Embrace by Ken Townshend, Beauty and Fire by Tomas Michaud, Sanctuary by Chris Conway.


Reviews 12-01-2010

Featuring New Butterfly by ade ishs, Forget-Me-Not, Blue by Evan Wish, A Candlelight Christmas by Joe Bongiorno, Autumn Suite Vol. 1 by Chad Lawson.


Reviews 11-11-2010

Featuring Doorway to a Dream by Ann Licater, The Grace of the Green Leaf by Lis Addison, Longing for Home by Peter Jennison, Heart Strings by Steven C, Gaia by Michael Brant DeMaria


Reviews 09-18-2010

Featuring The Landing by David Clavijo, August by Amy Lauren, Awakening by Marc Enfroy and Ever Ever On by Tom Salvatori and Iris Litchfield


Reviews 04-14-2010

Featuring Radiant Sky by Scott August


Reviews 04-05-2010

Featuring First Day Back From Yesterday by Lenny Kaplan, The Path Ahead by Rocky Fretz, Wings II: Return to Freedom by 2002 and Montagnola by Berward Koch.


Reviews 03-29-2010

Featuring Voices of the Ancients by Chad Kettering


Reviews 03-28-2010

Featuring Relax Your Ears by Joel Styzens


Reviews 03-24-2010

Featuring My Love To You by Mark Pinkus, Inner Voyages by Christopher Boscole, Language of Flowers by Eric Harry and A Star Danced by David Wahler.


Reviews 03-23-2010

Featuring Ascension II: The Healing Touch by Clifford White


Reviews 03-15-2010

Featuring A Delicate Balance by Lisa Downing, One Day in a Life by Bill Wren, By Rowdy Creek by Beverly Ritz and Somewhere in Romance by Dorothy Axelrod.


Reviews 03-14-2010

Featuring Portal by Atomic Skunk


Reviews 03-03-2010

Featuring Ballerina by Michael C. Bell, If Only by Galya, Time Stands Still by Mike Howe and Spirit Touch by Joseph Akins.


Reviews 02-17-2010

Featuring Touching by Mark Pinkus, Ticket to Antarctica by KevOz, The Fountain by John Adorney, Nightbook by Ludovico Einaudi.


Reviews 02-08-2010

Featuring Chasing Tornadoes by Patrick Gorman, Myths & Legends by Michele de Wilton, Valentine Court by Rich Batsford, Anachronicity by Scott Shumaker.


Reviews 10-22-2009

Featuring Fly by Eric Harry, Lacey Mae by Beverly Ritz, The Promise by Michael Stribling, Piano Christmas by Peter Kater


Reviews 08-22-2009

Featuring Imagine by George Skaroulis, Seven Falls by Marshall Styler, Trillium by Kori Linae Carothers, Set on a Hill by Chad Lawson.


Reviews 04-18-2009

Featuring Longer Days by Scott Ross, 12 Months by David Mauk, Save the World by Cadence Spalding, A Word In the Wind by 2002, Analog Destination by Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy.


Reviews 02-08-2009

Featuring Endless Blue Sky by Kevin Kern, The Healing Piano by Debbie Fortnum, The Crossing by Shirley Cason, Rain Bather by Tobin Mueller, Drift by Dan Pound.


Reviews 12-21-2008

Featuring Home Without the Journey by The Glimmer Room, Pond by Diatonis, Piano Expressions by Lore Constantine, Scheherazade by Al Conti


Reviews 06-14-2008

Featuring Poesis Athesis by Robert Scott Thompson, Moments Musicaux by Lesley Spencer, East Wind by Timothy Cooper, and Light on the Water by Timothy Cooper.


Reviews 06-08-2008

Featuring A Warning from the Elders by Byron Metcalf


Reviews 06-05-2008

Featuring Muses of Aqua by The Luminous World Orchestra conducted by Steven Chesne, Love, Light and Water by Michael Stribling, Of This I Dream by David Findlay, The Weight of Time by Timothy Davey


Reviews 03-16-2008

Featuring Spiral Empire by Distant System, Tapestry by Jim Gibson, Lantern by Dan Kennedy, Underneath the Nightsky by Nattefrost


Reviews 02-12-2008

Featuring Infinite Plastic Creation by Richard Bone


Reviews 02-10-2008

Featuring Ambiethernum by Psicodreamics, Ice: Piano Slightly Chilled by Fiona Joy Hawkins, Goddess by David Hicken, Par Avion by Rudy Adrian, A Boy's World by Gert Emmens.


Reviews 01-26-2008

Featuring Borderlands by Evan Bartholomew, Fire Within by Dan Pound, Carpe Lumen by Elijah Bossenbroek, Angels by David Hicken, Solace by Doug Hammer.


Reviews 10-07-2007

Featuring The Open Door by Michael Straugh, Melancholia by B.K. Campbell, Anno Domini by Deborah Martin and J. Arif Verner, Kindred Spirits by Create


Reviews 09-23-2007

Featuring Innersound Piano Solos by Rachel Currea, Childhood Dreams by Brenda Warren, Cool Aberrations by General Fuzz, The Useless Lesson by Kerry Leimer


Reviews 07-08-2007

Featuring 2012 by Mark Dwane, The Range by Dave Fulton and Giles Reaves, Exposure by Stephan Moccio, Elevations by Erik Wollo, Auburn Silhouette by Amongst Myselves


Reviews 07-01-2007

Featuring Treasure by David Helpling and Jon Jenkins, Something You Dream Of.. by Denise Young, The Regions Between by Alpha Wave Movement, Key of Sea by Jennifer Thomas


Reviews 06-23-2007

Featuring Dimensions by John Lyell, 13 Masks by Tobin Mueller, High Rising by Sounds from the Ground, At the End of the Day by Carolyn Southworth.


Reviews 06-16-2007

Featuring Spirit Cave by Mario Konrad, Reflection by Frederic Delarue, Everflow by Dan Pound, Eden by K. Ryan Brown, In the Distance by Arrocata


Reviews 06-01-2007

Featuring Secret Spaces by Craig Urquhart, Buzzle by Tim Story, The Journey to the Places in My Soul by Vicki Logan, Mysteria by M.A.S.S.


Reviews 04-04-2007

Featuring On Silent Wings of Healing II by Mathias Grassow, Plejades by Klaus Wiese & Jim Cole, Hope for Harmony by Kathryn Toyama, The Light in the Shadow by Craig Padilla, Deep - Breath - Silence by Mathias Grassow & Jim Cole, Fine Tuning by Paul Fine, Perception by Diatonis


Reviews 03-04-2007

Featuring Conscience by Mathias Grassow and Thomas Weiss, Night Sky Essays by Liz Story, Gentle Beauty by Ken Townshend, The Dream Cabinet by Current


Reviews 02-08-2007

Featuring Deeperworlds by Mystical Sun, The Sound of Peace by John Fluker and Raising your voice...Trying to stop an echo by Hammock


Reviews 02-03-2007

Featuring A Cup of Moonlight by David Lanz, Along the Curve by Dave Sterling, Astra by Igneous Flame, Sankhara by cyberCHUMP


Reviews 01-28-2007

Featuring Inside Out by Stephen Philips, Shadows by Al Conti, Out of Darkness, Into the Light, Kindred Spirit by Patrick Kelly, It's About the Rose by Karen Marie Garrett


Reviews 12-24-2006

Featuring The Call by Yelena Eckemoff, Sacred Road Revisited by David Lanz, Neptune by Todd Merrell, Memorophilia by Soundician, Solar Nexus by Dan Pound


Reviews 10-28-2006

Featuring Gulf Coast Blues and Impressions by George Winston, Leaving Home (extended) by Solar Fields, Awakening by Jeffrey Michael, Sacred River by Gandalf


Reviews 10-24-2006

Featuring The Road Less Travelled by Michael Straugh, Gnosis by Paul Avgerinos, Music in the Silence by Ron Clearfield, Secret Voices from the Dark by Various Artists


Reviews 08-05-2006

Featuring Reel Time by Gabriel Le Mar, Contact Point by Ministry of Inside Things, Ladderdown by Drifting in Silence, Such Dreams by Rick Seaton, From a Distant Horizon by J. Arif Verner, Through the Rings by VoLt, Dreamworld by Embrase, Piano and Cello Duet by Brian Crain and YuJeong Lee.


Reviews 07-01-2006

Featuring Moods by Frank Klare, Synthetic Horizons by Andreas Akwara, When Darkness Falls Upon the Earth by Gert Emmens, A Piano Saga by Kenny Jaworski, One Out of Five, The Best of Frank Van Bogaert, Monumental Dreams by Frank Klare with Ron Boots, Yeti Society by Harald Grosskopf, Pianopianoforte by Giorgio Constantini


Reviews 05-12-2006

Featuring Highway 1 by Diatonis, Bete Noir by Requiem, Desert Tryptich by Tom Heasley, Move in the Changing Light by Phillip Schroeder, Niemandsland by Matthew Florianz


Reviews 04-09-2006

Featuring Bridging Textures by Jim Hudak, Fever Dreams II-Lost Pieces 4-Possible Planet- Immersion One- Dreamtime Box by Steve Roach, Cave of the Jaguar by David Crews, Cinematic Life by Eliott James


Reviews 02-26-2006

Featuring Falling Forwards by Alex Routledge, Symphony of Light by Frederic Delarue


Reviews 02-11-2006

Featuring Otherworldly 3 by Stephen Philips, Season of Dark and Light by Darkened Soul,  How He Loved the Moon by Current 93, Perekluchenie by irr. app. (ext.), Osmose by Ariel Kalma, The Blue Light by Seth Kaufman.


Reviews 01-29-2006

Featuring Ghosts of Moderninity by Ben Fleury-Steiner, Darkness into Light by Steven Bucker, Morning Whispers by Tobin Mueller, Airwaves by Tony Gerber w/John Rose, After the Rain by Christian Housel


Reviews 12-31-2005

Featuring Standing and Falling by Tim Story and Dwight Ashley, The Voice by Stanton Lanier.


Reviews 12-24-2005

Featuring Reflections From the Inner Light by Create, A Strange Constellation of Events by Remanence, Narcissus Reflects by Patrick Burke, Trance Yoga by Various Artists, Across the Universe by Eric Hansen.


Reviews 12-05-2005

Featuring Twilight in the Offing by Chad Hoefler, Artificial Symphony by Alex Tiuniaev, Pieces of Piano by David Alstead, The Butterfly Effect by Tim Gerwing


Reviews 11-24-2005

Featuring Tower of Power by N-Tribe, Absorption by Nadja/Methadrone, Allure of Sanctuary by Karen Marie Garrett


Reviews 11-14-2005

Featuring The Once and Future World by Mingo, Studios and Airplanes by Building Castles Out of Matchsticks, Sounds From the Wishing Well by Patrick Gorman


Reviews 11-06-2005

Featuring One Soul's Journey by Chris Natoli, Arcturus by Arc


Reviews 11-01-2005

Featuring Saiyuji by Richard Bone, Comfort and Joy by Philip Wesley, Uncertain Futures and Fading Pasts by Angelmark, From the Sky by Ryan Farish, Ping Ambience III: String Things by Various Artists, Hear the Water Dreaming by Oophoi and Louisa John-Krol.


Reviews 10-23-2005

Featuring Being by Darren Rogers, Guzheng Music by David Sait, Romantic Energy by Twelve Girls Band, It's You Who Made My Head Spin by Weird State Inbetween, Hall of Sound by Vince Littleton.


Reviews 10-15-2005

Featuring Earth: Element Series by Peter Kater, AHIMSA by Benjamin Dowling, Satu by Igneous Flame.


Reviews 10-08-2005

Featuring Water: Element Series by Peter Kater, Imagination's Light by Kevin Kern


Reviews 10-01-2005

Featuring Fairy World II by Various Artists, Spirit Romance by David Lanz and Gary Stroutsos, Visions and Dreams by Catherine Duc, Autumn's Apply by Darshan Ambient, Terre De Sacha by Laliya, Reiki Whale Dreaming by Kamal.


Reviews 09-25-2005

Featuring Echo of Small Things by Robert Rich, Upstream: A Time of Transcendence by Rebecca Kragnes, Epiphany by John Serrie, Eye of the Nautilus by Numina


Reviews 09-10-2005

Featuring Azure Skies by Bob Dahl, De Profundis/Out of the Depths II by Terry Oldfield, Walking through Clouds by Bernward Koch


Reviews 09-03-2005

Featuring Scenes From the Neighbourhood by Timothy Davey, Meditative Yoga by Various Artists, The Seven Valleys by Stellamara


Reviews 08-20-2005

Featuring Forever Young by George Skaroulis, Beyond City Light by Jon Jenkins, One by Mark Ciaburri, Magmas by Akumu, Body Cage by Aidan Baker, On Water by Ben Cox


Reviews 06-05-2005

Featuring Mystical America by Laura Sullivan, Dewa Che: Universal Healing Power of Tibetan Mantras by Dechen Shak-Dagsay, Essence of Well-Being by Various Artists, Sleeping Lotus: A Reflective Hour into a Timeless Tradition by Professor Li
Xioangting , At Ease by Various Artists, Impressions in Black and White by Jeff Bjorck.


Reviews 04-10-2005

Featuring World Fiction by Kit Watkins, Then You Must be an Android by Building Castles out of Matchsticks, Domo 10th Anniversary Collection by Various Artists, Passage by dreamSTATE, Essential Touch by Various Artists, Continuum by David Wright


Reviews 02-20-2005

Featuring A Whisper in the Thunder by Tom Griesgraber, Silver by Thom Brennan


Reviews 02-13-2005

Featuring Fragrance of the East: Live in India by Chinmaya Dunster and the Celtic Ragas Bank, Real Piano: A collection by Various Artists, Yoga Harmony by Terry Oldfield, Closer by Frank Van Bogaert


Reviews 02-06-2005

Featuring Etnotronica by Green Isac, Bridges by Renee Michele, Colors of a New Dawn by Gandalf, Holding the Space: Fever Dreams II by Steve Roach featuring Byron Metcalf.


Reviews 01-30-2005

Featuring Reiki Shaman by Ashron, Mystical America by Laura Sullivan, Reiki Essence by Anuvida and Nik Tyndall, Relaxation: A Windham Hill Collection by Various Artists, Overcome by David Nevue, The Shaman's Heart by Byron Metcalf featuring Steve Roach.


Reviews 01-22-2005

Featuring Beams by Agatsuma, Memories of Utopia by Robin Spielberg, Tibet - Nada Himalaya 2 by Deuter, Pools of Light by Brian Kelly, 8 Shades of Sound by Formaria


Reviews 01-15-2005

Featuring Atlantis Lost by Eric McCarl, Fluidities by Jonathan Hughes, Finding Solace by Philip Wesley, The Land of the Blind by The Circular Ruins, Dreamlife by Sylken


Reviews 01-12-2005

Featuring Montana: A Love Story by George Winston, Incandescence by Chuck Brown, Dolphins: A Message of Love by Frederic Delarue, As Years Go By by Brenda Warren, Athena: The Best of George Skaroulis by George Skaroulis


Reviews 10-30-2004

Featuring Holding the Space: Fever Dreams II by Steve Roach, Air is the Means by Arms Full of Sounds, Progression by Munkie, Inside the Hollow Realm by Numina and Caul


Reviews 10-28-2004

Featuring Version to Version by Bill Laswell


Reviews 10-21-2004

Featuring Anthology 1984-2004 by vidnaObmana, Les Débris De L’été and Nebra by Sostrah Tinnitus


Reviews 8-25-2004

Featuring Version 2 Version: A Dub Transmission by Bill Laswell, Once Upon a Time by Spielerei


Reviews 8-24-2004

Featuring Being by Darren Rogers, The Last Bright Light by Jim Cole and Mathias Grassow, Phrasing the Air by vidnaObmana


Reviews 8-22-2004

Featuring Lamkhyer by Remanence, Fluxes by Akumu, Continental Divide by Colin Rayment, Heavenly Whispers by Janie Horton


Reviews 8-13-2004

Featuring The Gate by Terra Ambient, Dharma by Mathias Grassow and Klaus Wiese, Return to Serenity by Various Artists


Reviews 8-01-2004

Featuring Tumbleweed Obfuscated by Camera Failure by Aperus, Ambiend by Karl Weaver, We are the forthcoming Past, Take care of it by Grundman, Spacial Glacial Nebulous by Zero Ohms, Reiki Whale Song by Kamal, Communion by Current,Ambient Tone Poems II by IXOHOXI


Reviews 5-29-2004

Featuring Sanctuary of Dreams by Numina, Trajectories by Diatonis, Spirit Trance by Constance Demby, Four at Eighteen by John Broaddus, The Last Bright Light by Jim Cole and Mathias Grassow, The One I Waited For by Michael Dulin, New Beginnings by Richard Shulman and Adriana Contino, Subterranea by OOphoi and Tau Ceti.


Reviews 5-22-2004

Featuring The Float Zone by Dino Pacifici, Trajectories by Diatonis, Echo Systems by Paul Ellis and Craig Padilla, World of Shadows by Various Artists, Spatial Glacial Nebulous by Zero Ohms, Streamwalker by Craig Urquhart, Borrowed Time by Lammergeyer, Earthlite by Innersense, Tibetan Temple Bells by Acama, Fever Dreams by Steve Roach, Saphire Days by Ann Sweeten, Laivoja ja Junia by HEI


Reviews 5-15-2004

Featuring Fever Dreams by Steve Roach, The Warm Chill by TJ Rhemi, Lounge Control by Peter Mergener, Radiate by Saul Stokes, Abstract Circuitry by Galactic Anthems, Calling Down the Sky by Robert Rich, Ritual Awakening by Dolmen, HovR by Anomolous Disturbances, Nox Mystica by Peter Mergener, Opal by Ken Elkinson, Hopes and Dreams by Lisa Lynne, Titania by Titania.


Reviews 4-30-2004

Featuring Genesis by Craig Padilla, The Sacred Ordinary by Paul Ellis, The Way Beyond by Jim Cole, Ping Ambience 2 by Various Artists, Beyond by Agatsuma, Kataribe by Missa Johnnouchi, Samurai Collection by Various Artists, Out of the System by Karmafarm, Alternate Realities by Richard Bone


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