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Angel Jutaro Takahashi ambient music album cover

by Jutaro Takahashi


At the Edge of Everything Steve Roach ambient album cover

At the Edge of Everything
by Steve Roach


Fire in the Rainstorm Kori Linae Carothers album cover

Fire in the Rainstorm
by Kori Linae Carothers


When Emotions Fade Transcend with Time album cover

When Emotions Fade
by Transcend with Time


Leema Hactus Lorenzo Montana album cover

Leema Hactus
by Lorenzo Montana


Secrets of the Sea Bruno Bavota album cover

Secrets of the Sea
by Bruno Bavota


Transitions Patrick O'Hearn album cover

by Patrick O'Hearn


Afterglow Bob Holroyd album cover

by Bob Holroyd


Travels Doug Hammer piano music album cover

by Doug Hammer


In Search of Silence David Wright album cover

In Search of Silence
by David Wright


Prayer to the Mystery Little Wolf new age album cover

Prayer to the Mystery: The Gathering 2
by Little Wolf


Cream Robert Schroeder album cover

by Robert Schroeder


Fusion Axess album cover

by Axess


Transcendence Alpha Wave Movement album cover

by Alpha Wave Movement

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Light and Shadows
by Juta Takahashi


Winter Crossing
by The Ambient Visitor


Mike G

AV Articles

Electronic and ambient pioneer Steve Roach started creating his music during the late ‘70s golden age of analog synthesizers, a time when the digital variety was only visible on the horizon. So it’s refreshing that an album which continues that hands-on tradition, Spiral Revelation
(2017), garnered his first-ever Grammy nomination. Chosen in the Best New Age Album category, the album is crafted almost entirely with modular and stand-alone synthesizers, its sound grounded in the dynamic, spiraling interweave of melodic and rhythmic sequencer forms. 

With its analog leanings, Spiral Revelation sounds utterly contemporary thanks to Roach’s technological sophistication and creative maturity. Yet the bubbling, kinetic melodies point to his origins, making it a natural place to begin the story of how far and wide he has travelled.

Read the rest of this article by clicking here

How to Choose a Digital Piano – 10 Factors to Consider According to Science by Rob Beck

A digital piano is an electronic keyboard that emulates the sound and the feel of a genuine acoustic piano. It can be differentiated from its precursor instrument – the “synthesizer” – which uses electronically produced sound waves to create specifically electronic sounds. 

The first digital piano commercially available was produced by Yamaha in 1983. The Clavinova YP-40 was the most notable of the releases. More of an extension of the synthesizers of the 1970s, the sounds were electronically produced using Frequency Modulation, rather than sampling technology which is used by all digital pianos today. [1] 

Frequency Modulation synthesis (more commonly referred to as simply “FM”) works by modulating (or changing) the frequency of an electronically produced sound wave. This results in a wide variety of tone, dependent upon the changes in frequency and a combination of other waves. [2] 

A sample, on the other hand, is a short digital recording that can be triggered via a MIDI instrument, such as a piano-style keyboard. [3] 

A modern digital piano has a large bank of short digital recordings (samples) that are triggered by hitting the keys of the keyboard. Most modern digital pianos are capable of reproducing touch-sensitive play (see later).

To read the rest of the article click here.

Vin Downes  

When the Sea Lets Go


AV's Artist Interview Page

When the Sea Lets Go:  AV talks to Vin Downes

Vin Downes began studying guitar at the age of eleven. His early interests were in electric guitar, but this all changed when he heard the opening notes of David Cullen’s “Along the Way” on a Windham Hill Records guitar sampler. He immediately immersed himself in the fingerstyle music of Will Ackerman, Michael Hedges, David Cullen and Leo Kottke. 

Greatly influenced by the music of artists on Windham Hill Records in the late 1980's, Downes furthered his interest of fingerstyle technique and composition by earning a degree in classical guitar performance and music education from William Paterson University. While at WPU, he studied classical composition and had several of his compositions performed by soloists and ensembles, including the New Jersey Percussion Ensemble, Helix Ensemble and members of the Composer’s Guild of New Jersey. 

Vin Downes has released four studio albums, two of which were produced by Grammy Award winning guitarist and producer, Will Ackerman. He is currently a performing member of “The Gathering – A Concert Series presented by Will Ackerman”. 

He has recorded and performed with musicians including Will Ackerman, Tom Eaton, Michael Manring, Eugene Friesen, Liz Story and Tony Levin. 

Vin Downes is a public school music teacher in New Jersey, where he currently teaches classical guitar at Bayonne High School.

To read AV's interview with Vin click here

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Michael Brückner talks to Robert Rich

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Beachcombing AV Talks to Bob Holroyd

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Fever Dreams III AV talks to Steve Roach 2007

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Stefan Strand



AV's Quick 10 Interview

Legacy AV's Quick 10 With Stefan Strand aka Between Interval

Since the age of 14, Swedish composer Stefan Strand has been experimenting with and creating electronic sounds. Initially inspired by video game soundtracks and the German techno scene, it wasn’t long before he was discovering the more expansive soundscapes of artists like Jean Michel Jarre, Robert Rich, Aphex Twin and Pink Floyd. 

In 2003 he created Radio Silence, his first ambient album, and self-released it under the name Between Interval. He knew then that he had found a vast genre that he would come to explore for many years. 

Strand wants his music to be a rewarding and immersive experience for the listener. “I try to create atmospheres and moods with my music. I wouldn’t call it minimalistic, but instead of giving away too much in terms of melodies I aim to incorporate subtle and implicit changes.” 

Since it’s initial release, Radio Silence has been remastered and released on the Spotted Peccary label along with four other releases, Secret Observatory, Autumn Continent, The Edge of a Fairytale and Legacy.

Click here for this quick 10 interview with Stefan Strand aka Between Interval

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A World Bathed in Sunlight  AV's Quick 10 with Matthew Stewart
Imbue AV's Quick 10 With Androcell aka Tyler Smith

AV Goes to NYC
and reviews the
FLOW concert


AV's Concert Review

An Introvert Journeys to New York City and Goes With the FLOW

As you may or may not know I tend to be a very introverted person who is connected to a broad musical world via my Ambient Visions website and rarely do I venture out into the really real world other than at a very mundane level as I head off to work or to do a variety of equally unspectacular chores that make up my daily life. On occasion though I am tempted to step out of my ordinary introverted life and to step into that wider world which makes introverts like me quiver in their boots and on an even rarer occasion I act on those temptations and dive into that real world.  October 6 was one of those days where the benefit of venturing out overwhelmed my reservations and sent me off to the big city to discover the joys of live music.

What, you might ask, would tempt an introvert such as myself out of his seclusion and pull him to the big city? I’m glad you asked. I wanted to go with the FLOW. I know that doesn’t sound like a compelling reason and what the heck does it even mean anyway. The FLOW in this case is a new ensemble group that was celebrating the release of their first album simply entitled FLOW by performing as a group at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City which is a celebrated musical mecca of the performing arts in the United States. The motivating factor here was the composition of the group and the nature of the guest artists who would be performing with them on that Friday night in New York City.

Click here for the rest of the review

The Radiant Sea

by Bridge to Imla



AV's Spotlight Review

The Radiant Sea by Bridge to Imla AV Spotlight CD Review

The Radiant Sea is the debut release by Bridge to Imla (Hans-Dieter Schmidt & Michael Brückner) and is the perfect example of what happens when two veteran ambient artists pool their talents under a new moniker and make music together. What happens is that these two talented artists blend their skills and create a wonderful new album that goes farther musically speaking than either could have gone on their own. The beauty of collaboration in the internet age is that artists who are separated by distance who would like to work together can make it a reality simply by sending their pieces of the whole back and forth via the internet after they are recorded in each of their respective home studios until the project is completed.

The title The Radiant Sea may lead a listener to think that the music is going to sparkle and shine like sunlight glistening off the surface of water but contrary to the title the music goes much deeper than what a person might see reflecting off the surface of the sea. In fact if you look at the titles you will see that they concern water currents or geological places of the Pacific Ocean and some of those can be quite deep and quite dark. Just like the music. The music like the depths of the ocean is mysterious. The textures that define Bridge to Imla’s debut album are many shades of gray with little wisps of light that break through now and again as if you were looking up at the surface of the water from far below.

Click here for the rest of the review

by Frore & Shane Morris


AV's Spotlight Review

Eclipse by Frore & Shane Morris AV Spotlight CD Review

I have always been a fan of Spotted Peccary music as it seems that they have a very enviable track record of releasing some of the best music to be heard in the ambient and associated genres fields. I don’t say this lightly because there are many albums that cross my desk in any given week but it seems that every time a Spotted Peccary release appears I know that I can expect to hear some of the finest music being released and that I’ll probably want to review it. Case in point is the new release called Eclipse by Frore and Shane Morris which will be released to the world on 11/17/2017 but which showed up in my e-mail box last week as a review copy from Spotted Peccary.

Frore aka Paul Casper is from Virginia Beach, VA and is a self-taught musician who works with digital and analog synths, singing bowls, flutes and electrical drum sequencers while Shane Morris hails from Fayetteville, Arkansas and has achieved a high level of mastery with percussive and wind instruments from all over the world including the frame drum, Navajo cedar flute, didjeridoo and electronic percussion. While this list may help you get a handle on some of the instruments that figure prominently on their new release Eclipse it does not even come close to telling you what can be done with those instruments in conjunction with two talented musicians who blend their musical visions into a single coherent statement that results in the imaginative tribal landscape that you will hear on Eclipse. A paint brush in the hands of an amateur yields average images and lacks true vision but put that same paint brush into the hands of a dedicated artist and the images on the canvas will astound. The same can be said of the musical instruments I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph in the hands of artists like Paul and Shane..      

Click here for the rest of the review

by The Haiku Project


AV's Spotlight Review

Nebula by The Haiku Project AV Spotlight CD Review

With the release of Nebula The Haiku Project has now released 3 albums on the Real Music label. Nebula is an intriguing album and especially so with the delicate vocals that are provided by Sara Grabow who makes this album quite memorable. Sara Grabow as a singer has released 4 albums of her own that can easily be found on Spotify two of which are performed in English and 2 in Danish. Sara also hails from Denmark as does Henrik Hytteballe aka The Haiku Project.  Her vocals provide an ethereal aura to the songs that she is featured on which allows the compositions to move in new and interesting directions.

Nebula has found that perfect balance between voice and music that allows both to reach their full potential without detracting from one another. Nebula features 10 compositions 6 of which feature Sara Grabow’s voice as a major component of the arrangement and yet I still find the music refreshing and listenable even if left on repeat for an extended period of time. As a long time reviewer of instrumental and ambient music I am always doubtful as to how successful a pairing of vocals and instrumental music will be so that when a listener walks away from the experience they won’t be thinking how great the instruments were or how beautiful the voice was but how marvelous the compositions were as they became one in the performance.  That is the difficult task that Henrik and Sara tackled with the creation of Nebula and let me congratulate them on crafting an album that is filled with emotionally rich music that touches the listener from the very first song to the last.

Click here for the rest of the review

Deep Space Blue
by Jim Ottaway


AV's Spotlight Review

Deep Space Blue by Jim Ottaway AV Spotlight CD Review

Australian soundscaper Jim Ottaway, based in Gold Coast, Queensland, owns a quite extensive discography counting over 25 albums, all self-released on a CD or CDr formats since 2004, when he debuted with "First Light" album. During 2017 Jim Ottaway has released two albums, "Timeless e-Motion", which is out since January 1st and "Deep Space Blue" with the street date August 1st. Jim Ottaway's most recent album, carved between May 2014 and June 2017, comes in a catchy glossy 4-panel digipak designed by the artist himself, precisely exposing the focus on the fascinatingly ambiguous vastness of the cosmos. It immediately triggers the deep immersion, nice job, Jim!

6-minute opening piece, "Astral Voices", magnifies the listener transportation with euphoniously expansive and sonorously embracing female choir-like drones coupled with warmly nuanced blankets, scrupulously permeated by outlying gossamery cyber-biotic clatters. Gracefully immense intro!

Click here for the rest of the review

Fiona Joy

Into the Mist



AV's CD Focus Interview

Into the Mist AV talks with Fiona Joy

Australian Pianist, Producer & Singer Fiona Joy is enjoying the success of her recent release Signature Synchronicity, has just returned from her third grand tour of China, recorded a new album in the US, and a feature concert with her Blue Dream Ensemble at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (Sydney) -as well as performing in the Sydney Women's International Jazz Festival .

In China Fiona Joy is nick-named The Piano Angel, not just for her romantic, melodic songs and lush arrangements, but also for her gracious and mesmerizingly ballet-like performance style in concert. It’s a style that will serve her new album well, considering it is inspired by modern-day fairytales.  A prolific composer, she has always been interested in creating music that evokes images, emotions and stories.

When not recording or touring, Fiona is busy directing the entrepreneurial side of her music business, an effort which is crucial to the success of every independent artist.  She manages her growing record label, Little Hartley Music, and promotes Fiona Joy Jewellery, her new line offering the upscale Swarovsky crystal-adorned bracelets and foot jewellery that she wears while performing barefooted in concert.   

Click here to read Fiona Joy's interview about Into the Mist

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AV's Spotlight Review

Flow by FLOW AV Spotlight CD Review

Having discovered Windham Hill and Narada music at about the same time I was well aware of the ensemble approach that the labels employed to offer listeners wonderful music that extended the talents of one artist by pairing them with several equally talented musicians in the studio. The album would be released under the individual artist’s name and the other musicians would traditionally be credited as guest performers on the main artist’s album. Let me be clear right from the beginning about FLOW the album and FLOW the group this is not individual musicians guest starring on each other’s compositions with each taking a shot at the lead throughout the album. Instead this is a group effort start to finish and as I listened to each of the songs I didn’t get the feeling that one song represents Ackerman, one song represents Fiona and so on. Every composition represented FLOW as a performing group plain and simple.

In case you didn’t already know FLOW is an acronym for the members of the group. F is for Fiona Joy. L is for Lawrence Blatt. O is for Jeff Oster and W is for Will Ackerman. Each member is quite distinguished as a musician, composer and performer in their own right but bring them all together and you have the equivalent of the superstar groups that have been occasionally formed in the rock world such as Power Station, CSNY, Asia or the Traveling Wilburys. So even before I sat and listened to the album I knew that I was in for a treat even if the album took the approach that many ensembles do which is to spotlight each member and their contribution to the whole while the other members supported each other’s moment in the sun. Thankfully the members of FLOW took another route that would yield a cohesive whole which is much more powerful and pleasing than listening to musicians take turns playing their music.

Click here for the rest of the review

Renee Blanche Night Tides ambient music radio host

Renée Blanche

AV's Q&A

Night Tides: AV talks with Renée Blanche

This time around Ambient Visions' Q & A has a go at Renée Blanche, host of an ambient music radio show called Night Tides. Night Tides is an eclectic blend of contemplative instrumental & electronic music that combines upbeat grooves and dubs with soothing melodies that whisper softly to the soul. Host Renée Blanche is a native of Detroit, Michigan.  She stumbled into radio after ending her military career in El Paso, Texas. Her skills as a volunteer announcer were honed at community radio station KXCR during a three-year stay. Commercial radio was the next stop as a weekend announcer for adult contemporary stations K-LITE and B-94 FM. Renée moved to Kansas City in 1993 and was hired as the midday announcer for KCUR and as a traffic reporter for Metro Traffic Control. Her role as host of the Night Tides program began in September 1994.

Click here to read Renée's interview

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AV's Upcoming, New and Notable Releases

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Prelude to a Dream
by Shoshana Michel

Deep Space Blue
by  Jim Ottaway

Near Series: Otherness
by Steve Brand

Opera Magnetica
by Alio Die & Aglaia

Passing Steve Roach ambient album cover

The Passing
by  Steve Roach

Planetary Artifacts
by John Lyell

Legacy Between Interval ambient album cover

by Between Interval

A Sea Without Memory
by David Helpling


AV's Spotlight Review

A Sea Without Memory by David Helpling AV Spotlight CD Review

I have been listening to David’s music since I first heard Between Green and Blue way back in 1996. Every release since that time including the collaborative efforts between him and Jon Jenkins have all been albums that showed the immense talent that David possessed as every composition shined like a brightly polished diamond. This latest release which came out on July 7, 2017 is the first of what I hope will be many volumes of David’s ambient guitar music which takes our perceptions of what can be done with a guitar alone into a whole new realm.

A Sea Without Memory is an album that David created using just one guitar through some programmed pedals and recorded live to 2-track with very little processing. I know this because I asked David to confirm that it was just his guitar that I was hearing on these amazing and very expansive sounding tracks that make up the new album. And now even knowing it is just one guitar only increases my respect for what David has managed to create and record onto 2-tracks with little post processing. If you haven’t figured it out yet this is going to be a positive review of David’s new release and I hope that I haven’t given you a spoiler for the review without alerting you first.

Click here for the rest of the review

by Chronotope Project


AV's Spotlight Review

Ovum by Chronotope Project AV Spotlight CD Review

Chronotope Project aka Jeffrey Ericson Allen hails from Oregon with 7 releases under his belt so far and now he makes that 8 with the release of Ovum on Spotted Peccary records on August 4, 2017. Ovum is an introspective journey that borders on being mystical as it calls forth deep feelings from within the listener bringing them into the open and allowing them to be examined in a peaceful and safe environment. Human beings are often reluctant to look deep within themselves because of what they might find I suppose but music is one of those forces that seems to be able to bypass some of our learned safeguards allowing us to look into places that we ordinarily would not delve too deeply into.

Ovum consists of 7 tracks and all of them are more than long enough to allow for deep diving into the otherworldly aspects of ourselves which exist at both a conscious and an unconscious level. The album starts off with a song called Olduvai Dreams which touches an older part of the listener’s mind, a part that is tribal in nature, perhaps even a little more primitive than what we are accustomed to in the 21st century.

Click here for the rest of the review

by Between Interval


AV's Spotlight Review

Legacy by Between Interval AV Spotlight CD Review

Back in the days when masterworks such as "Radio Silence", "Secret Observatory" or "Autumn Continent" were released, I was always considering Stefan Strand (actually these gems were recorded under his previous family name Jönsson) as a Swedish wunderkind. Yeah, we are moving back to the years 2004-2006. Followed by another impressive work "The Edge Of A Fairytale" in 2009, Stefan Strand has then disappeared for 8 years. However, the long wait is finally over and since April 2017 we all can celebrate colossal comeback of this hugely crafted soundscaper. Released by Spotted Peccary Music in their traditional 4-panel eco wallet featuring stunning cover art by renowned Polish digital artist and photographer Michal Karcz. With this connection you simply can't go wrong! Additional credit goes to Howard Givens for his fine mastering.

Click here for the rest of the review


by Juta Takahashi





AV's Spotlight Review

Albion by Juta Takahashi AV Spotlight CD Review

Japanese drone ambient Maestro Jutaro "Juta" Takahashi was quite silent since his last album "Transcendence" released back in September 2013. If I am right, in the meantime he has only re-issued his older album "The Door Into Winter" in March 2015 on a glass mastered format (original CDr edition was released in 2007). Now he makes big return with a brand new studio work published at the end of April 2017 on his own Lunisolar Records. The album was recorded from December 2016 to February 2017. As usual for all releases of Juta Takahashi, the CD comes in a standard jewel case with a transparent tray featuring some stunning visuals provided by artists mostly based at DeviantArt community. "Albion", dedicated to the majestic landscapes of the Great Britain, is no exception as it is graced by immersing "Serenity" crepuscular splendor captured by Simon Evans, an amateur photographer from New Zealand, now based in the UK. 

Nearly 14-minute long opening piece "Silver Waves" straightly sets gracefully meandering dronescaping images carved by Juta Takahashi's masterful utilizing of his analog synths. Waving introspective layers are persistently permeated by climaxing high-pitched vistas, which already belong to distinguishable earmarks by this respected Japanese ambient drifter. If I remember well, I am strongly fascinated by these engrossing dissonant curtains since "Angel" track from the same titled CD album released five years ago. Indeed a very strong opening! "Frozen Day", only slightly shorter that its predecessor, delves deeply into stunningly foggy monochromatic sceneries, exquisitely reinforced by titillating piano glimpses.

Click here for the rest of these reviews

by Alphaxone & ProtoU


AV's Spotlight Review

Stardust by Alphaxone & ProtoU AV Spotlight CD Review

Although Iranian deep space soundforger Mehdi Saleh aka Alphaxone and Ukrainian dark ambient venturer Sasha Cats known as ProtoU are debuting in my review section, both of them belong to already established names on acclaimed Cryo Chamber label. Actually to be correct, few years back I reviewed another project by Mehdi Saleh, his stunningly triumphant "Broadcast" CD as Spuntic released on Dutch Databloem label during 2014. I have been deeply fascinated by "Stardust" since the very first days sometime during January 2017 when Cryo Chamber introduced the first tracks of this collaborative project and I immediately knew I want to review one day this spectacular odyssey. Out since January 24th, the CD comes in an attractive matte 6-panel digipak, designed and mastered by Cryo Chamber's trailblazer Simon Heath. 

Distant monolithic hums and translucently titillating field recordings announce the opening 9-minute "Consumed". Warmly nebulous stratums inconspicuously invade, glide, wave and commingle with auxiliary cybernetic signals, rumbling vestiges, glimpsing voice fragments and outbursting vertexes. The next piece, "Planemo Dreams", only slightly shorter than "Consumed", is driven by massive monochromatic drone walls persistently confronted with invasive cyber-organic tapestries, delicate metallic flickers and engrossingly nuanced and balmily reflective expansions. Spellbindingly immersing soundscape!

Click here for the rest of the review

Eyes to the Height
by James Murray


Ambient Web Spotlight

Interview with James Murray by Ron Schepper for Textura e-zine

Ten Questions With James Murray  

Though a number of James Murray's releases have been reviewed at textura, he hasn't been the subject of a major article or interview—until now. It's an oversight that should have been rectified long ago, but hopefully the following in-depth interview will be an adequate atonement. If anything, the interview comes at the perfect time as the London-based Murray has just issued a splendid new full-length, Eyes to the Height, which evidences the high degree of craft the self-taught composer has brought to all of his work since 2004. You never know quite what you're going to get with a Murray release, but rest assured the quality will be high, regardless of whether the focus is ambient-electronic, modern classical, or electroacoustic. We thank Murray for sharing so openly his thoughts on the album and his creative process.   

Click here for the rest of the interview

Interview with Seb Taylor by Kevin Fairbanks and Gagarin for Psybient e-zine

[Interview] with Seb Taylor aka Kaya Project aka Hibernation

Today we bring you an interview with Seb Taylor. The man behind many amazing psychedelic electronic acts of varying styles, from the legendary Angel Tears to the ever popular Kaya Project, downtempo heavy hitting Hibernation and
the uptempo likes of Shakta and Digitalis. Seb has been more than busy, over many years with countless collaborative artists, producing this music that we love. So it is with great honor that we had the opportunity to chat with him about everything from his latest release, to the earlier days. Enjoy and share around! 

Psy: Do you remember the first piece of music that inspired you as a kid? Can you describe the experience? 

ST:  I’d have to say film soundtracks. Especially the work of John Barry & John Williams. Growing up in the 1970’s & 1980’s meant a lot of my cinematic experiences were musically scored on these two composers. I can hear a direct correlation between my musical sensibilities and soundtracks like, ‘The Black Hole’ , ‘James Bond’, ‘Star Wars’ etc. Even in later life it was still movie music that has primarily touched and inspired me, latterly in the form of contemporary film composers like Thomas Newman for example (American Beauty, White Orlandear, Meet Joe Black).

Click here to read the rest of the interview

MMichael Foster
Editor AV

AV Editor's Blog


I was doing some clean up in the links section of Ambient Visions yesterday afternoon specifically on the record labels link page and it really hit me about the attrition rate of labels that were no longer active and websites that have disappeared over the years. I used to leave checks like this to link checking software but basically the software is just looking to see if the link goes somewhere and if it does the link is ok. Unfortunately, many of the links were still active but really were nothing related to the record label sites that used to be there. Some were offers to sell the domain, others were completely unrelated sites and one actually downloaded something to my computer which I immediately deleted from my hard drive. The end result was that about half the links on the page were dead ends, page not founds or offers to sell the domain name to me and that was just a little bit sad for me as I realized that all of those labels which had released good music in the past had vanished. I guess that is why AV is still standing after 17 years because I just can't imagine the hole that it would leave in my life and maybe in the lives of others who would be sad to see it go.

It also made me feel grateful that after 17 years of running AV and 8 years prior to that of listening to ambient/new age/electronica music, which I first discovered via Forest's weekly online program called Musical Starstreams, that I still love the music that regularly appears on the site week after week. There are many things in my life that have changed after 25 years but the music that I found over 2 decades ago is not one of those things. The music has morphed and changed over the intervening years but it has never lost its flavor to me. So even though I feel sad for those labels that are no longer with us I am glad that AV is still here along with all those readers who have been with me for many years now and of course the other supporters of ambient/new age music whose sites still shine as beacons in an age that seems to have forgotten the art that is inherent in music.

To read the rest of the blog post click here.

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Salvaging the Present

by Dean De Benedictis

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by Tom Eaton

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Dancing on the Wind

by Shoshanna Michel

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Path of Dissolutions by Hoshin cover, ambient

Path of Dissolutions

by Hoshin 

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Getting the word out
about great music


AV's Reviews Other Voices

Prelude to a Dream by Shoshana Michel reviewed by Mainly Piano website

Prelude to a Dream is Shoshana Michel’s third solo piano album and her second as a composer. After a 24-year hiatus from composing music, once she started again, the flood gates opened wide. Shoshana’s first album of original music, Dancing on the Wind (2016), was nominated for Whisperings Solo Piano Radio’s “Album of the Year,” One World Music Radio’s “Solo Piano Album of the Year” and SoloPiano.com’s “Album of the Year.” It would not surprise me at all if the gentle, heartfelt music on Prelude to a Dream does just as well or even better. The eleven pieces on this album are all very soothing and played with an expressive tenderness. In some ways, it could be a lullaby album, as the repeated left hand patterns are hypnotic and the overall tone of the music is very quiet and peaceful. You won’t want to doze off and miss any of this, though! As he so often does, graphic designer Matt Streiby perfectly captured the feeling of the album with his cover artwork.    

Read the rest of the review at Mainly Piano by clicking here.

Deep Space Blue by Jim Ottaway reviewed by Kathy Parsons of Mainly Piano website

Deep Space Blue is an electronic ambient/space music release from award-winning Australian composer and synthesist Jim Ottaway. The creator of at least twenty-five albums of original music in a variety of genres as well as music for films and television, Ottaway’s resume’ is long and very impressive; Deep Space Blue is his eleventh international release. The inspiration for Ottaway's music stems from his love of nature and his spiritual connection to the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. The music on this album has a very organic feeling and features a variety of (electronic) musical instruments as well as atmospheric sounds. Not surprisingly, the music conveys feelings of vast darkness and of effortless floating through space and time. The six tracks range from just under six minutes to about 16 1/2 minutes, so there are very few breaks in the music. The tracks were recorded over a three-year period, and Ottaway also did the mixing, mastering, graphics and album design.    

Read the rest of the review at Mainly Piano by clicking here.

From the Darker Seasons by Jeff Pearce reviewed by Candice Michelle of Journeyscapes Radio  

From the Darker Seasons continues in the signature ethereal-ambient, electric guitar style of music that Jeff Pearce triumphantly re-embraced in 2014 with his album With Evening Above, which was subsequently followed up by his 2016 album Follow the River the Home. The last album in this style that Jeff recorded before taking a hiatus for over a decade was his landmark 2002 release, Bleed, which preceded some lovely albums recorded on Chapman Stick followed by one piano album.       

Read the rest of the review at Journeyscapes Radio website by clicking here.

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MMichael Foster
Editor AV

State of the Ambient Union 2014

A few years back I ran several opinion pieces of those involved in the ambient/new age music industry about the state of the ambient union as it existed in 2008. As the pace of technology increases and the fact that the way we consume our music seems to be in a constant state of change I felt that perhaps it might be nice to revisit this topic again and take a look at the ground that we covered in the last 10 years or so musically speaking and what kinds of changes we might expect over the next few years in regards to ambient music creation and distribution.

The music industry has been in a state of constant change since I first started to listen to music way back when I put the needle down on my first 45 RPM record. While the changes took a little while to manifest back in the day because there was a manufacturing process that drove the music industry that had to be adhered to and it took time and lots of money to make changes from albums to 8-tracks to cassettes to CD's. Once music became separated from the physical and broadband speeds increased enough that files could be uploaded and downloaded all bets were off in regards to what the future held for the record labels and for the artists themselves.  

These series of writings are not an attempt to predict the future of the music industry and the ambient/new age genres in particular as we have seen the futility of trying to do that every time a rock solid prediction (so it seemed at the time) falls flat on its face in the cold light of the future. Let's just say that these writings are musings of those who make, distribute or play it on the air. It is a time to look at where we have come from and what possibilities lie ahead for the ambient/new age artist if things continue on their present course.

Blake Gibson aka Broken Harbour offers up his views of where the ambient community is currently and shares his thoughts on streaming, physical product and why it's a great time to be an ambient musician or listener.

Blake Gibson aka Broken Harbour
Blake Gibson
aka Broken Harbour

Click here to read The State of the Ambient Union 2014


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Chosen One: Loscil  Interview with Scott Morgan.
“A blurred line between beauty and horror, anxiety and calm.”--Scott Morgan

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Geert Bevin On MPE & Creating A New Standard Of Musical Expression

Posted 12/03/2016

Entheomythic Creatures: An Interview with Androcell published 9-8-2016
Interview with Louis Colaiannia, November 2016 by Kathy Parsons from Mainly Piano
Four Days In My Life by Louis Colaiannia from Music and Media Focus by Michael Diamond

Jordanian composer produces award-winning album from his ‘bedroom studio’

Posted 1/23/2016

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Paul Avgerinos

Paul Avgerinos


Law of Attraction Paul Avgerinos album cover

Law of Attraction

Artist Spotlight on Paul Avgerinos

When Paul Avgerinos graduated from the Peabody Conservatory of Music in 1980, as a full scholarship honors student, he had already performed as a bassist with Isaac Stern, Jean Pierre Rampal, The Beaux Arts Trio, Baryshnikov and many other great classical artists. He also has won scholarships to play and study at music festivals in Tanglewood, Aspen, Grand Teton, Taos, and Spoleto (Italy). After graduation, Paul served as principal bass of several major symphony orchestras around the world, and gave solo recitals as well. 

Expanding into more popular genres, Avgerinos toured as a bassist with Charles Aznavour, Liza Minelli, and the jazz legend Buddy Rich. Seeking to further his original composition and develop his childhood passion for electronic music, Paul built Studio Unicorn, a comprehensive digital/analog recording studio, in 1984. Nine solo CDs in the New Age genre followed, including Muse of the Round Sky on the Hearts of Space label. Muse was nominated for a Grammy and is played on more than 2,000 radio stations around the world in addition to syndicated shows such as Music from the Hearts of Space and John Diliberto's Echoes. Two thirty ­minute features with the latter are added to his credits along with his many other radio interviews. Paul's music is currently being played on Sirius XM Satellite radio & DMX as well as Music Choice SoundScapes. 

He has appeared on fourteen sampler CDs and as a guest artist on albums by Joanie Madden, Faruk Tekbilek, Joaquin Lievano, Brian Keane and others. Paul records and produces many popular albums as well and has worked with artists as diverse as Jewel, Willie Nelson, Deana Carter, Richie Havens, Run DMC, and the Celtic Tenors . Avgerinos always makes time for scoring and has worked on many Film, Commercial, TV, and Cable projects for all of the major and minor networks. Paul's work on Peter Kater's Red Moon earned A 2004 Grammy Nomination. Paul's album GNOSIS placed #1 on the New Age & World Radio Chart and his latest, Garden of Delight, won an award for the Best World Album of 2007. Keeping busy creating original music for a variety of interesting and rewarding projects is a way of life. 

Currently, Paul lives and works in his Studio Unicorn, Redding, Connecticut, where the deer pass by his studio windows and the hawks and eagles give inspiration from above .

Visit Paul Avgerinos on the web

Deep Space Blue
by Jim Ottaway


A Sea Without Memory
by David Helpling


Salvaging the Present Benedictis ambient album cover

Salvaging the Present
by Dean  De Benedictis


Everything and Nothing Hammock album cover

and Nothing
by Hammock


Between Shadow and Light Neil Patton album cover

Between Shadow
and Light
by Neil Patton









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Sounds to
Listen For

The Last Lighthouse
by Campfire's Edge


Structures of Light
by Siddhartha Barnhoom


home is a memory
by threadbare


Different Spaces Erik Wollo ambient music album cover

Different Spaces
by Erik Wøllo


Isokinetic Alpturer ambient album cover

by Alpturer


Fears Remy ambient album cover

by Remy

An Act of Love Earthen Sea album cover

An Act of Love

by Earthen Sea

Four Days in My Life Louis Colainnia album cover

Four Days In My Life
by Louis Colaiannia


Resonance Peter Kater new age album cover

by Peter K


Salvaging the Present Dean De Benedictus album cover

Salvaging the Present
by Dean  De Benedictis


Shakti Sutra Sheela Bringi world music album cover

Shakti Sutra
by Sheela Bringi


Carbon EP Ens ambient album cover

Carbon (EP)
by Ens


The Network deeperNET electronica music album cover

The Network
by deeperNET


Multidimensional Voices Ben Carroll album cover

Multidimensional Voice
by Ben Carroll


Phosphenia Code 1 album cover

by Code 1


I Hear Crow Janet Robbins album cover

I Hear Crow
by Janet Robbins


What We Left Behind Robert Rich ambient music album cover

What We Left Behind
by Robert Rich


Biosonic Steve Roach ambient music album cover

by Steve Roach and
Robert Logan


Pacific Journey Logical Drift ambient music album cover

Pacific Journey
by Logical Drift


Still Voices John Gregorius album cover

Still Voice
by John Gregorius


Eternal OM Lisbeth Scott album cover

Eternal OM
by Lisbeth Scott


Sensuous Chill Yanni new age music album cover

Sensuous Chill
by Yanni


Heaven Condensed Craig Padilla ambient music album cover

Heaven Condensed
by Craig Padilla


Cryosleep Dreams Simon Wilkinson album cover

Cryosleep Dreams
by Simon Wilkinson


Waves of Life Ashaneen album cover

Waves of Life
by Ashaneen


A Place to Belong Time Being ambient music album cover

A Place to Belong
by Time Being


Beyond the Airwaves 2 David Wright album cover

Beyond the Airwaves vol. 2
by David Wright


E-scape 2015 space music album cover

E-scape 2015
by Various Artists


A New Time M. Persson album cover

A New Time
by M.Persson


Earthen Alpha Wave Movement album cover

by Alpha Wave Movement


Echoes of Life Lynn Tredeau album cover

Echoes of Life
by Lynn Tredeau


Lichens Mike Howe album cover

by Mike Howe


Canyon Robert Carty ambient music album cover

by Robert Carty


Weltenuhr Erik Wollo album cover

by Erik Wollo &
Bernhard Wostheinrich


Imbue Androcell album cover

by Androcell


Breaking Open the Seventh Seal SourceCodeX album cover

Breaking Open the
Seventh Seal
by SourceCodeX


Quantum Earth Sequential Dreams space music album cover

Quantum Earth
by Sequential Dreams


The Delicate Forever Steve Roach ambient music album cover

The Delicate Forever
by Steve Roach


Souvenirs Christine Brown new age music album cover

by Christine Brown
Mainly Piano Review


Origin Reversal Dirk Serries album cover

The Origin Reversal
by Dirk Serries


Always Near Kevin Kern album cover

Always Near
by Kevin Kern


Anomalies Mark Dwane album cover

by Mark Dwane


Vertical Life Richard Bone album cover

Vertical Life
by Richard Bone


Passengers Green Isac album cover

by Green Isac


Impossible Landscape deeperNET album cover

Impossible Landscape
by DeeperNET


Spacehop Chronicles 1 Bluetech album cover

Spacehop Chronicles Vol 1
by Blue Tech


Paradise (re-release)
(remastered w/bonus tracks)
by Robert Schroeder


Entering Ephi's Dimension Ephilion album cover

Entering Ephi's Dimension
by Ephilion


Last Songs Ambientsketchbook album cover

Lost Songs
by ambientsketchbook


Cycles Within Cycles Sinepearl album cover

Cycles Within Cycles
by Sinepearl


Still Alive Moonbooter album cover

Still Alive
by moonbooter


Before the Rain Zachary Bruno piano music album cover

Before the Rain
by Zachary Bruno


Over-Soul Steve Brand ambient music album cover

by Steve Brand


Sprial Meditations Steve Roach ambient music album cover

Spiral Meditations
by Steve Roach